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Southern Oregon Bokashi offers the highest quality locally made microbial inoculants for Southern Oregon area.  Southern Oregon Bokashi was founded in the Applegate valley in 2010 by Evan Short as a way of fostering the next evolution in organic agricultural practices.  He has had great success with the product lines with applications in both commercial and hobbyist farmers and horticulturalists.  After his initial introduction of the Southern Oregon Bokashi product line it became evident that production needed to be increased in order to keep up with the growing demand for the multi-use products. The Southern Oregon Bokashi line continues to grow with the demands of today's horticulturalist.


Southern Oregon Bokashi is composed of  symbiotic microorganisms (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeasts, and Photosynthetic Bacteria) grown onto a grain substrate that when utilized has been shown to:

• Breakdown nutrients from the soil therefore making the nutrients more available to plants

• Reduce the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve healthy productive plants

• Increase microbial activity in soil and, as a foliar spray, on leaves

• Improve soil structure by creating aggregates and increasing water holding capacity, therefore, reducing runoff and soil erosion

• Increase photosynthetic capacity of plants

• Suppress soil borne disease and pests

• Improve plant growth and fosters the formation of larger flowering sets

• Dramatically speed up composting of manures and organic waste

• Can be used in conjunction with organic, synthetic fertilizers, and other mycorrhizal products

• Provides high levels of polysaccharides, micro-nutrients, beneficial enzymes, and organic acids

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